Hospital Training supporting Coping Strategies

To fully implement the Beads of Courage programme, we provide every hospital with the necessary materials that they need to assist every member of the family. Accompanied by education, training, and support, we offer illness coping strategies as part of our full Beads of Courage training. Our programmes run throughout the UK. 

Beneficial Strategies 

Ongoing evaluation of the Beads of Courage programme shows that it helps to decrease distress caused by a serious illness and provide the tools to support positive coping strategies. The programme also provides something tangible that children are able to use to express feelings about their experiences during and after treatment. 

Bead Jewellery Making

Tools, Training, and Support

To implement the Beads of Courage UK programme, we provide suitable materials to hospitals up and down the country. These include:

• On-Site Training for Staff That Covers Research and Science Behind
   Psychosocial Interventions
• Handmade One-Of-a-Kind Treatment Milestone Beads
• Programme Literature Including Training Manuals and Membership
   Bead Guides
• Ongoing Support for Staff During the Longevity Of the Programme

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