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Beads of Courage UK offers complete support and assistance for children with chronic and serious illness through Oncology/Haematology, Burns, Cardiac, NICU, and Chronic Conditions programmes. Our team provide support to the emotional and social wellbeing of a seriously ill child and their family, by giving them recognition of their medical journey.
This also includes the tools that are needed to communicate with others about their story, as we want to ensure that every child with a serious illness has access to the benefits of the programme.

Beads of Courage Inc has been supporting children in America since 2004, and in the UK through our oncology programme sponsors, Be Child Cancer Aware since 2011.

Beads of Courage UK is currently operated through and with the kind assistance of The Maria Watt Foundation Registered Charity No 1118733.

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Beads of Courage UK provides support to children coping with serious and chronic conditions by providing the Trademark Innovative Beads of Courage Arts in Medicine Programme within the UK and Ireland. We support children undergoing treatment for Oncology and Haematology; Cardiac; Burns; NICU and other Chronic Conditions


Beads of Courage offers support and restores a child's sense of self when coping with the fear of a serious illness. Each bead represents a specific treatment such as blood transfusion, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and overnight stay in hospital to display and acknowledge their courageous journey.


Beneficial illness coping strategies are available for your hospital staff from Beads of Courage UK. Our training sessions are held in your hospital and we offer training and support for your staff by providing a variety of training materials to help support professionals caring for sick children.


Are you a glass lampwork artist or a sewing guru? If so, our Beads of Courage members can benefit from your talents. Act of Courage Beads and Bead Bags are always welcome and provide a boost of enCOURAGEment to a child that is suffering from a serious illness and their family.


Take a look at our gallery to see what the Beads of Courge programme is about.  Each bead has a story to tell, and gives a child something tangible that they can use to tell friends, family and care-givers about their illness and treatments and says to everyone "that was tough but I did it".


Contact us to learn more about the Beads of Courage programmes which are available to support children and teenagers receiving treatment for Oncology/Haematology; Burns; Cardiac, Neo-Natal and Chronic Conditions.

 Complete the contact form below to enquire about Beads of Courage for your hospital, to offer support and help children with serious illnesses and families through their journey.


Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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